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Wow Sausage Fest. Also Dinah. [Felix/Dinah/Julian/Alastair]


Felix lead the way out of the room, followed shortly by Astrea.  There were certainly a lot more people than he remembered there being only, what, fifteen minutes ago?  The hallway and was packed with people.  Felix didn’t bother to count but he wondered if that meant everyone had made it out of their respective rooms.

Before he or Astrea could toddle off to speak to someone else, they were approached by two men.  Not the kind of company Felix usually liked to keep, but he’s been known to make exceptions.  The first man spoke, a simple greeting and no introduction, only for the second to take the lead.  The second man introduced himself as Peacemaker, and the first man as Sage.

Felix was somewhat taken aback. “Fake names if I ever heard them,” he muttered under his breath.  It was then that he turned somewhat toward Astrea, his body language betraying him.  So is her’s a fake name too?  Way to be an idiot, Felix.  Felix turned his gaze back to the two men.  Deciding it would be pointless to use a fake name after giving his to four other people already, he smiled and responded.

“Name’s Felix, and this is Astrea,” he spoke, as he extended his right hand in greeting, his left hand buried in the pocket of his coat.  ”What exactly do you think we were in the middle of?”  Of course, Felix was aware how to could look, two people coming out of a room full of disheveled bed sheets together.

Having been deep in thought about the mysterious Door L, Dinah hadn’t been paying much attention when another pair joined herself and Felix, and it was only when the taller one with darker hair introduced himself as ‘Peacemaker’ that she remembered where she was. The other was ‘Sage,’ which was admittedly a much better candidate for ‘might actually be a real name’ than Peacemaker, but that didn’t seem to stop Felix from doubting the both of them.

Astrea tilted her head out of curiosity as Felix turned towards her; what was his deal? …Ah. He was realizing(?) that the name she had introduced herself under might not have been her real name. How many people in this day and age had names like ‘Astrea?’ Did he not know what it was referencing? She shrugged her shoulders at him, as if to say, ‘I don’t know, is it a fake name?’

And then he turned away from her, and back to the other two men. He seemed willing enough to introduce her as ‘Astrea,’ as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Maybe he wasn’t convinced as to whether or not her name was real or fake? Nonetheless, she nodded her head in acknowledgement as he did the talking for her. But when he raised his next question, this time she was the one to turn towards him, her face belying her confusion-mixed-with-indignation, ending up in a ‘just what are you trying to say’ kind of look.