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i should think to tell you the rules of this game.


The loudspeaker had grown quiet yet again, after it went through its explanation of their situation. Well, it had still decided to leave out some things, but it was better than nothing. The loudspeaker had even been kind enough to repeat it in Japanese for Kyo to understand. And now they could move on ahead!

“If either of you guys want to go through Door 3, that’s where I’m headed!” Departing from her conversation with Sol and Kyo, Mercury skips off towards Door 3.

She comes to a stop in front of it. She has her hands on her hips, and her foot’s tapping the ground, and she stares at the door with no noticeable attention to those around her.

What lies behind this door? She still wants to know…

(( check out this post if you also want to go through Door 3 and we can work out a group?? ))

The sudden explanation of rules leaves her more than a little miffed; with all of the small details that the rules had omitted, she hardly felt any more enlightened than she had a few minutes ago.

The most valuable piece of knowledge she had gotten out of them was that apparently someone in their group spoke only Japanese (if she remembered correctly), or else the repetition of what she assumed to be the rules would have been just a waste of time?

Ju’s gone off somewhere else, although she had no intention of following the other woman wherever she went. If she wanted to know what kind of consequence waited for those who broke the rules, she was going to have to see the corpses again. The voice had implied that death awaited the rule-breakers, but what kind of death was it?

So, with her right hand gripping the bracelet on her left wrist, she slowly makes her way towards Door 3, where a small congregation of people has already formed. Could they make it through the door with this group of people?

There’s one young lady with striking orange hair who stands in front of the door with a determined (or possibly impatient?) expression on her face. Astrea steps towards her, crossing her arms as she stands next to the woman, her own eyes trained on Door 3 as well.

"So," she says softly, turning her head slightly towards the orange-haired woman, "are you going through this door?"

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